A Batteries Life! –The story of your cars battery life!

Your car’s battery is the heart of your car. If your car’s battery is not working your car will not run! On average a cars battery life will last anywhere between 3 to 5 years! Below you will learn more about the Battery, symptoms to look for that your battery is on the outs and best tips for battery life!


Background of your battery: Your car battery works by providing a jolt of electricity to power all the components of your vehicle. (Much like your heart provides for your own body!)  There is a chemical reaction your battery supplies to convert it into electrical energy to power the vehicle to start the vehicle. Not only does it start your vehicle but it also stabilizes the voltage to keep your vehicle running.

Warning Signs that your Battery is giving out:

-Slow engine crank. When you go to start your vehicle and it takes longer to turn over and the engine to start; that cranking noise you hear is one of the first signs to show that your batteries juice is running out.

-Check engine light. This one could also mean a multitude of other issues, but it could be an indicator that your battery voltage is running low.

-Swelling or excessively large battery. If you look under your hood and your battery looks enlarged chances are that your battery has gone bad due to excessive heat.

-Rotten egg smell. That rotten egg smell (sulfur odor) around the battery can be a battery leak. From the leaking there could be corrosion around the posts (where the positive and negative cable connections are located) if there is gunk around this area there may need to be removed or your car may not start.

-Age of the Battery. If your battery is 3 + years it could be close to a replacement. With that said batteries can range anywhere from 3 -5 years and also take into consideration your driving habits, weather and short trips under 20 mins can shorten your battery life.

Some Helpful tips for your Car Battery!

Charge your Battery: Make sure you own the right charger (or go to your local auto repair shop!) when charging your vehicle it is safer and better if your do a slow charge method not a fast charge method. A fast charge method can increase the potential for an overcharge and can create permanent damage.

Replacement and Recycling: Your local auto repair shop or recycling center will take your car battery usually for a small fee; it is Illegal to dispose of a car battery along with household waste due to the toxic nature of the battery. If your battery is in reasonable condition it can be reconditioned for reuse or melted down for use in the future.

If you have questions or concerns about your vehicles Battery, please give us a call at 978-688-4332



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