Oh No! My A/C isn’t working!

It’s one of the hottest days of the Summer, you’re stuck in traffic with all the people heading to the beach! Sweat is dripping from your neck all down your back and your shirt becomes soaked! Your legs are either stuck to the vinyl upholstery or prickled by its cheap velvet. Your hands are sweating as you try to hang on to the steering wheel. You’re thankful that your eyebrows are there to help keep the sweat from pouring all over your face! Well, almost!


It’s important that at the beginning of the warmer months, to test your A/C yourself and see if it might be time to have it inspected my your Automotive Technician! If you answer No to any of the following questions it might be time to bring it in for an A/C performance check!

-How’s the air feeling in your ride?

-Are you Refreshed and cooled with full air flow when your A/C is pumping?

If you answered yes to these two questions then continue on your merry way and Enjoy your cool ride on those Hot summer days! If you Answered No, no sweat! All you need is an A/C Performance check to see if there is any problem or if you need a recharge! Then you’ll be able to chill out in the traffic on your way to the beach!

Luckily for you here at Sutton Street Service we are having a special A/C performance promotion! Check it out and give us a call to book your appointment today! Before the days get hotter! 978.688.4332


A-C Preformance Test

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