The Importance of oil & oil changes!

In regards to vehicle maintenance, oil changes are one of the more inexpensive services and one of the most important. If you keep up with oil changes it can help prevent you from having to spend hundreds of dollars if you were to neglect them.


Oil’s role in your Vehicle: The engine oil provides three key roles in your engine.

  1. It keeps the engine and all of the components working together.
  2. The oil helps to draw out heat from the combustion chamber.
  3. It helps to prevent carbon and varnishes from accumulating in the engine.

When to change your oil: Oil changes are usually recommended when you hit a certain mileage or when a certain time limit is reached. Typically it’s every 3,000 miles or 3 months.

It’s usually better to go by the odometer, because driving the vehicle has a far bigger impact on your engine and the oil.

Fun fact: About 50 years ago, you would have to change your oil every 500 miles!

If you don’t change your oil: There will be a buildup in the cooler parts of the engine, this can lead to carbon deposits or sludge coming out of the old oil. This could require you to do an expensive engine cleaning or force you to replace worn out piston rings.

To go one step further, the pistons could eventually stop, or the camshaft could be damaged, and getting a bill for either of these makes an oil change look like nothing.

Things we do differently here at Sutton Street Service: When we perform an oil change we do a full vehicle inspection. In this inspection we like to check the vehicle for any other potential problems that we can spot and let our customers know about. We also change the oil filters, replace the windshield washer fluid, and check the tire pressure. We like to give our clients a 100 % oil change!

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